Have you ever had a painful Inventor data migration?

For the fastest and easiest data migration since Inventor was born: with the Inventor Controller, all available cores are used on one workstation for the parallel migration of large Inventor databases. The Controller stores the migrated Inventor files in a target directory with the same folder structure. The original data remains unaffected, which means that a possible delta can be determined and processed at any time. The Controller has a whole range of useful functions for this purpose:

  • Number of cores freely selectable
  • Restart function for every Inventor instance
  • Monitoring of every Inventor instance with restart function
  • Free selection of the Inventor file types to be migrated
  • Remove Reserved Locks file
  • Adjusting color and material styles
  • Update of color and material styles from library
  • Replace color and material styles in documents
  • Generation of STEP files in a batch run
  • etc. 

We also create functions specifically tailored to your needs for processing in batch mode. Contact us for more infomation and for a demo…

Inventor Controller

231’678 Inventor files migrated within only 12h 34′ – with just 1 workstation

(Hardware: LENOVO ThinkStation P520, Processor Intel Xeon W-2133 3.6GHz 6 kernels 12 logic processors
32 GB RAM, HD Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB)

PRO.FILE compatibel!